Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taylor Swift Tells Selena Gomez How Harry Styles Broke Her Heart

Taylor has turned to her fellow devastated BFF, and confided that Harry acted like a complete jerk to her! Here’s what they plan to do to heal their broken hearts.

Taylor Swift and her bestie Selena Gomez have so much more to bond over now that they are both single and mourning the loss of their failed relationships. A source close to the situation tells us how the two scorned pals are planning on getting over their exes.

“Taylor and Selena are definitely planning some girl nights. Taylor said Harry Styles was a jerk, and said really mean things to her,” the source revealed.

But instead of looking for another boy to make Harry jealous, Taylor is planning on major girl time to get over it!

“Selena told her that they were better than those losers, so they can’t wait to have a bunch of girls over and dance it out!” the insider said.

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