Saturday, March 30, 2013

Armed robbers serve residents of Ijeshatedo Lagos notice of visitation....... LOL

Chai, tell me why we no go tire for 9ja. This our country eh many many tinz dey happen! Armed robbers have now started writing notice letters to residents *sigh*. First, it was the residents of Lambe area in Ogun state, now residents of Ronke street in Ijeshatedo in Lagos have also received letters from armed robbers informing them of their plan to raid the area...soon!

Ronke streets residents said the letters were pasted on the gates of some buildings on the streets and it simply read: “We will pay you people a visit soon. Be prepared for us.”

The residents alerted the police in their area who told them not to panic and gave them a number to call if they suspect anything or anyone. The people who live on the street and its environ have employed the services of vigilante groups while some have started leaving the area.

Police kwa *coughs* I pray make Police show face if the big boys done enter area oh,


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