Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breaking News: Concleave Selects New Catholic Pope

White smoke has rises from above the Sistine Chapel, indicating that Roman Catholic cardinals have elected a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. 

White smoke above the Sistine Chapel have made it official: The Roman Catholic Church has a new pope.
Bells are ringing at the Vatican, and thousands of people gathered in the square are cheering.

We'll find out in the minutes to come who the new pope is. So stay with me if you don't have an active Dstv subscription or a Tv. LooooL forgive me abeg na over exictement.


  1. See your head. Thank God for †нε new pope sha, I hope he's an african

  2. Let's just hope he's an african oh, I done tire. For all dis oyinbo pple


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