Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'Stop indulging in oral sex now!' CLAM Pastor Wole Oladiyun warns

Senior Pastor of Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry, (CLAM) Pastor Wole Oladiyun says people who indulge in oral sex are damaging their glory.

"Homosexualism, lesbianism, beslialism and incest will disfigure your glory. God hates them. Prostitution, adultery and fornication will grieve a glorious destiny. May I equally add that men and women sucking their private parts are damaging their glories. Demonic partners have done a lot of havoc through this act. Honestly, it is simply unhygienic and dirty.
Ok oh. y'all have heard oh, as for me ermmmmmmmmmmmm *coughs* I have nothing to say sha.

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