Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rihanna Won’t Let Anyone Tear Her Away From Chris Brown

In spite of Chris’ father saying that he and Rihanna should not be together, Rihanna has said she is ‘not tripping’ about his confession, because she loves Chris so much.
Chris Brown doesn’t care what anyone says about his relationship with Rihanna, and she feels the same way! Although Chris’ dad ran his mouth and said that he “didn’t want him and Rihanna back together,” Rihanna does not have any beef with him, because she knows she will “love Chris until she can’t love no more.”

Rihanna, 25, and Chris, 23, have been going through a tough time lately, and Chris’s father speaking out about their romance publicly has not helped. But Rihanna is too mature to care!

“She heard about it. It’s cool, she’s not tripping,” a source close to the “Diamonds” singer EXCLUSIVELY tells us. “She knows Chris’ dad and she’s sure he means well. Not everybody is going to get their love and sometimes family might not get it either. But she judges no one and wishes everyone well, and will keep doing her and love Chris until she can’t love no more.”

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