Saturday, May 18, 2013

Video: Mariah Carey's American Idol Lip-Sync Drama

As the 12th Season of the American Idol came to an end yesterday with Candice Glover winning the coveted price, a number of viewers flooded Twitter last night with tweets wondering whether the R&B legend and Idol judge had been lip-syncing her performance given the strange way her voice at times failed to match the audio people at home were hearing. 
"Mariah Carey….worst lip syncer ever! @americanidol ha," tweeted one Netizen named Jason Williams.

Another tweep going by the handle @JadenStyles fired: 
@JadenStyles"Mariah Carey, if you are going to lip sync on American Idol, at least attempt to make it look real. Or don't perform on behalf of America."
According to her Rep anybody thinking the 43-year-old Carey would forgo a chance to hit those octaves for real, however, is fooling themselves, .
"She ABSOLUTELY DID NOT lip-sync," said her spokesperson. "She performed LIVE in front of several thousands of people!!!! (and did it 3 times!!)." 
The rep confirmed that Mariah did sing to a prerecorded track—a common practice in the music biz even among big-named artists—but clarified that she "performed with a 40-person choir" and "SANG LIVE."
"No LIP-SYNCING whatsoever! She did 3 takes and thrilled the crowd with singing little songs in between that we're NOT part of her medley," the publicist added.
The video and the response from her Rep settles that.


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