Monday, August 5, 2013

Female Rapper LIV Reveals Shocking Scandal About Jay Z

In a new interview, former model and up and coming female rapper LIV is making some shocking allegations in which she claims that Jay Z tried to hook up with  her.

LIV (pronounced “live”) doesn’t give an exact date for when this alleged rendezvous occurred in her August 3 interview with PNC Radio, but her story does have other in-depth details. The up and coming female rapper states that Jay Z approached her in a club and told her she was “his favorite female rapper.”

According to LIV, Jay then told her that he would “call her whenever he comes to town” and that he wanted to make her his “in-town chick.” More details when you continue......

LIV explains that that proposal was as far as it went. She says she turned him down because she respects Beyonce and doesn’t want to move ahead in her career by sleeping with famous rappers.

But for someone who claims she doesn’t want to get famous by being a mistress, she sure isn’t being shy telling people about the run-in. Besides giving this interview, LIV also calls Jay Z out in a new song! In her track “The Invasion: Part 2″ she raps:
I could have messed with Jay, but got respect for Bey. We were on the same set of a commercial, see, I was sitting by myself, and he sat next to me. I was handling it well, and he was shocked to see, I was getting up to leave, he sent his guards to me. Excuse me Miss, do me a favor, put your number on this piece of paper. When Jay get settled and he’ll call you later. I know most chicks would have took the bait, but then those chicks be the ones I hate. I wonder to this day if I’d have gave it up would it be me on stage throwing it up!


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