Sunday, September 15, 2013

Judge who scored Mayweather Vs Canelo fight as a draw says She Stand by her Call

The judge who scored the Mayweather Vs Canelo fight as a draw says she doesn't care about what the critics says about her controversial call, insisting she called the fight correctly.

Judge C.J. Ross tells TMZ "I STAND behind my decision" and isn't phased by all the ferocious criticism she's received from both experts and amateurs.

In case you missed it Floyd Mayweather scored a convincing victory over Saul "Canelo" Alvarez last night but C.J. was the only judge to score them evenly.

After the fight, boxing expert Teddy Atlas went on ESPN and said Ross' score was a travesty and suggested she was paid off by gamblers.

Everyone in the arena was shocked by C.J.'s call including Floyd Mayweather who mouthed the words, "What the f***" when the announcer revealed he won on a majority decision and not unanimous.

But it's clear the judge doesn't care and in her mind it was a draw so do many of Canelo's fans who're reading this right now.

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