Monday, October 28, 2013

(18+) Photos Of Lady Gaga Totally Naked On Stage Baring Her Butt & Private Parts

Dressed in a bizarre white gown and a frizzy blonde wig. Her arms, neck and eyes were made to look super-powered with white powder, Lady Gaga shocked the audience at nightclub G-A-Y by fulling stripping onstage while singing her new song, “Venus.”

She stripped while singing, raising her arms up so that everyone there can get a good look at her naked bod. Her butt,
boobs and private parts were totally visible to everyone while she danced. 

After reading this and you're still not convinced we're not in end-time already then I don't know what else to say to convince you. More revealing photos after the jump. 


  1. She's a fragment of the devil

  2. I stopped watching her demonic videos a long time ago

  3. So much for attention and relevance smh

  4. She's a Satanism...lady Gaga corrup our kids 's mind mxm she's so devil..


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