Saturday, November 9, 2013

Twitter Feud: Jennifer Lopez denies Ever Having Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lopez, 44, is putting an end to any plastic surgery rumors out there! The multi-talented star and beauty icon is revealing that she’s never had any “work” done — good for her!

Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi, a London-based plastic surgeon, started the mini twitter feud on November 5, tweeting at Jennifer and suggesting she may have had some work done:

Jennifer promptly responded with this tweet, denying any procedures:

The Doctor however apologized and quickly changed his tune after he got a response from the starlet with the tweets below:


  1. All they do is deny after sending tweets dis time it's not account hacking it's an error from an unknown assistant, dis doctor needs to calm his balls down and get lost

  2. Even doctors seek attention too? The world is really coming to an end

  3. Jlo you didn't have to reply

    1. You're wrong, I think her reply isn't out of place, after all she set the records straight

  4. Jlo is 44 but looks 25 nice body


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