Monday, February 17, 2014

Goldie - Gone But Not Forgotten

It's exactly one year since we lost Goldie shortly after she returned from the Grammy Awards on St. Valentine's Day 14th February 2013. Her death indeed shook the entertainment industry and many mourned her exit.

She had a kind heart, God bless her soul.

Born in October 23, 1983, Susan Oluwabimpe “Goldie” Filani Harvey burst into the entertainment scene in the early 2000′s with her first song “Komole” which was produced by OJB Jezreel, who also featured in it.

From then on Goldie started gaining recognition not just for her music, but for her style as well which was described as “UNIQUE”. Her self-proclaimed trademarks were her bold make up, blonde hair, eccentric fascinators, loud and shiny dresses, over the top costumes among others.

Goldie’s creativity wasn’t limited to her songs and music videos alone; she graced red carpets with her own style.

Imagination and artistry were watchwords that made Goldie stand out. Her two albums, “Gold” and “Gold Reloaded” which achieved success, cemented her status as a Bonafide Entertainer. The debut album “Gold” featured hits like “Don’t Touch My Body“, “Jawo Jawo” and “You Know It”
ft. ElDee.

Her sophomore album, “Gold Reloaded“ had tracks like “Say My Name” and the “You Know It” Remix.

She was working on her ‘African Invasion’ album with hits like ‘Skibobo’ featuring AY (Tanzania), ‘Miliki’ ft. NAVIO (Uganda) and ‘Give It To Me’ featuring J Martins before her untimely death.

The three singles were enjoying heavy rotations on radio and TV stations across the continent before she passed on.

Goldie was a trendsetter, who gained fame not only in Nigeria and Africa but also across the world. She pushed and broke boundaries with her songs and Music videos.

Goldie Susan Harvey was a terrific entertainer who passionately strived for years to actualise her dreams, not minding criticisms. She grew up in a family that made sure her life revolved around church activities, yet against all odds and the wishes of her strict father, she found herself gravitating towards secular entertainment. With the encouragement of Cool FM’s Manny, she launched a music career and in less than five years had made a mark on the Nigerian music industry.

Her bold and colourful videos, exuberant personality and animated performances were just a few of the unique traits that propelled her to the apex of her career and cemented her position as a true pop-diva.

Goldie exuded a personality that sometimes flitted between stark eccentricity and extraordinary creativity, factors that endeared many to her.

The songstress’s style can only be described as ‘out of this world’.

Her record label Kennis has released a new music video for Goldie’s “Give It To Me Now” feat JMartins.

Goldie Harvey will always be remembered as one of the most versatile artists in the music industry who captured the hearts of her fans with her beautiful personality.

Her talents knew no bounds as her groundbreaking music and videos were hard evidence. Instead of focusing on the fact that we lost such an amazing icon in the Entertainment Industry, we have decided to celebrate the fact that we had her in the first place because she helped the industry
realise that it’s not a bad thing to “STAND OUT” and “BE DIFFERENT”.

RIP Goldie.

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