Thursday, June 19, 2014

Khloe Kardashian & Sister, Kendall Jenner Call Their Mom Kris Jenner A ‘Whore’ On ‘KUWTK’

Calling your mother a “whore” is certainly not the way to talk about the woman who gave you life, but on the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians, Khloe and Kendall call their mom just that! 

In the clip, Khloe and Kendall argue with their sister Kim about mom Kris cleaning up after Kendall’s dog. Kim was definitely on Team Kris, but Khloe and Kendall backed each other. Khloe thought that Kim and Kris were just “two peas in a pod,” while Kim thought Kendall should be thanking Kris for all she does. That’s when Khloe dropped the “whore” bomb. “Listen, if you whore yourself out that much and have six kids, you should have repercussions,” Khloe told Kim. Then Kendall backed her up with, “Yeah, that whore.”

After Khloe and Kendall called their mom a “whore,” Kim was understandably shocked.

Concerning the Kris diss, Kim told the tighter than ever sisters, “Well isn’t Kendall turning into a mini- Khloe?” It definitely seems to be looking that way! Kendall sure has Khloe’s brutally honest attitude, that’s for sure!

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